Building People with ADG Engineers and WMA

ADG Engineers (ADG) and Workplace Medicine Australia (WMA) has announced its game-changing technology that will detect COVID-19 symptoms on worksites.

We interviewed ADG and WMA representatives James O’Brien and Dr Scott Allison who saw a market for this technology to mitigate the long term disadvantages the virus enforces upon essential workplaces.

ADG and WMA came together as medical and technology experts to design the thermo technology to minimise the risk of infected individuals impacting their wider workforce.

Digitally-enabled camera technology uses artificial intelligence to detect symptoms of COVID-19. The camera can scan multiple people at once and can be linked to computer software where workplaces can monitor data via a dashboard.

They told Conecta that their non-invasive technology has been rolled out across Victorian organisations with organisations in Queensland and New South Wales also looking to adopt the technology.

It is likely that ADG’s partner firm in the United States will leverage the technology as well as other sectors internationally that will be able to tailor the technology to the needs of their workplaces.

Dr Allison said that the technology is versatile in that it can detect other potential viruses, cases of flu and similar illnesses during the Winter months.

ADG Engineers’ Team Lead, James O’Brien said, “By combining the latest technology and risk management process leadership with medical expertise from our Medical Partners at WMA, we are hoping to create a safer working environment for our communities’ essential workers.”

The technology also includes a confidential and tailored app-based reporting system.

Their new state of the art technology will change the way society moves forward and will be an important risk management tool to maintain ongoing safety in all workplaces.

Watch our full interview with ADG Engineers and WMA here.

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