Is AI in Recruitment Affecting Your Job Prospects?

Recruiters are now using AI to automate parts of their workflow to save themselves time and money. But what does this mean for those of us looking for work? With AI assisting in repetitive high-volume tasks, like resume and candidate filtering, prospects for hunters are going to start looking up. Here we look at some ways in which AI is shaping the recruitment industry.

A world without recruiters?

It’s no surprises that recruiters have a bad rep, especially when they do things like neglect your phone calls, fail to provide feedback, and generally all-round refuse to understand what you and the company you’re applying for are all about. Recruiters are perceived as dishonest and uncaring towards job hunters, keen on their single goal of earning commissions…

Whether it’s a lack of time or the nature of the beast, recruiters to rub job hunters the wrong way, AI seems to be coming in to save the day. Let’s take a look at what AI is doing within recruitment to change things up for candidates.

AI in recruitment

To give you some examples of AIs that are shaking up the recruitment game, let’s take a look at, which is helping to tackle the administrative nightmare of scheduling interviews, or ClearFit, which automatically sources and ranks candidates according to suitability for roles. There are also AIs like Textio, which is helping companies produce more transparent job postings, and Engage Talent which unearths passive job seekers and targets them with personalised messages. It’s easy to see how AI is improving recruitment, helping to better match candidates with roles that they enjoy and deserve. In this way, AI is minimising the amount of times that candidates get stuffed around.

Can we do away with recruiters?

New technology, whether AI or otherwise, is certainly changing the game for employers and job seekers. Technology is now being used, not just to match people with jobs faster and more efficiently, but to match people with roles they will find rewarding and want to stay in. technology is also empower those who are looking for work to take job hunting into our own hands, with various online platforms performing the same role as a recruiter, except with better accuracy and complete transparency. Technology is now taking over the hardest aspect of the recruiters role: matching talented candidates with their ideal roles.

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