Redefining Apartment Living With Assemble’s ‘Vertical Living’

Apartments that get better with age? That’s one quality that Assemble is boasting for their fresh take on apartment design.

393 Macaulay Road is embarking on the journey to provide residents with a new style of city living.

The Kensington apartments will be closing the gap between leasing and owning for its residents. The Assemble Model involves rights to a five-year lease with known rents set at market value. Signing the lease for the apartment gives residents the right to purchase the property for a pre-agreed price when their lease comes to an end.

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The model also gives residents freedom, they can move on and choose not to buy after the first 12 months of the lease.

A major difference in the Assemble model is its commitment to creating community and connection amongst residents. This is all stems from its clever design.

“The big differentiating factor in an Assemble building, as opposed to a typical building, is what we do in the spaces between the apartments,” says Quino Holland, Design Director of Assemble.

The versatile design and multipurpose function of the building design mean that all people and lifestyles are catered for.

The secret lay in merely asking residents what they want. Assemble is surveying potential residents, establishing what are important functions and elements to consider in the development.

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The result? The plan for multi-purpose communal spaces, suitable for any hobbies, chores, tasks that any resident might require space for. The communal room also contains a dedicated workshop, for all those messy jobs that you don’t want to do in your clean apartment.

“Squeezing people together into an apartment building doesn’t create a community,” says Holland.

Learn more about the revolutionary development on the full article from now.

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