Balmain & Co Awarded Contract for Altona College

Balmain & Co have been awarded the contract for the new construction and facility upgrades at Altona College. 

The scope of work at the school includes demolition of Block A, refurbishment and transformation of an existing area into a new science hub and the construction of a new Senior Years centre.

The $2.7 million project began in January, and is expected to be complete in June this year.

Balmain & Co have successfully delivered other education projects in the past, some of these include the creation of new office spaces for Cranbourne East Secondary, concreting and structural works for a four-storey building at St Michael’s Grammar School, along with civil and landscaping works at Brighton Grammar.

The company’s shift into education is part of a broader focus on expanding into different sectors, having traditionally been a high-end residential and commercial builder.

Balmain & Co made the decision to diversify their pipeline of work as a result of company growth and market opportunity. Utilising the past experience within their team and expanding the wealth of knowledge as a whole through the challenges and different environments that come with working across various sectors of the construction industry.

The year that was 2020, forced us to reassess our values and Balmain & Co’s long term goals. It allowed us to really pinpoint where our ambitions lie and utilise our strengths as we plan for the future.” 

Jessica Jones, Head of Strategy and Business Development

With more government and education projects to be won in the mid-tier space across 2021-22, this has proven to be a wise decision. 

Currently, Balmain & Co is completing the addition of two levels to the top of 12 Clarke Street in Sunshine, the home of a number of government agencies including the NDIS. In addition, construction is also underway on a Government project in Melbourne, with future prospects in the pipeline.  

Balmain & Co’s management systems allow the company to take on multiple projects simultaneously, and their reputation for delivering quality projects within tight deadlines,  gives the company a competitive edge where public sector projects are involved.

Balmain & Co takes a ‘less is more’ approach, they are selective of the projects they sign on for, which means they can work at a sustainable pace, keeping employee productivity and wellbeing front of mind.

Operating this way also allows Balmain & Co to tender thoughtfully, only competing for projects they know they can deliver to their high-quality standards. 

This considered approach to tendering translates to its people management, giving Balmain & Co. an edge when it comes to retention of employees who know they’re working for a company that values the quality of work completed. 

We realised one of our core strengths is our team, and in that we wanted to ensure an exciting and diverse future of growth for our employees. Diversification was always part of our strategy. As our organic growth continues throughout all facets of the company, we are well and truly ready to take the next step.

Jessica Jones, Head of Strategy and Business Development
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