4 Ways To Score A Better Salary Package For Your Next Role

So you’re looking for a new job and you’re moving up in the world. You’ll be needing a salary package worthy of all the experience and skills you’ve earned over the years. Don’t sell yourself short or turn employers off by demanding too much. This article shows you how to score a better deal for your new job.

Know your worth

The best piece of advice we can give to job hunters looking for a great role and a salary package to match is to keep it real. Not only do you want to negotiate for a deal that reflects your education and experience, you also want the salary package to reflect your workload. For instance, while you may be qualified for a management position, you may find an interesting role that involves being part of a backstage team. In this case, a lower salary could be adequate for the duties and responsibilities outlined in the role.


Make sure you do plenty of research around your salary. This would involve researching the company and what the going rate is for similar roles in similar companies. Go online and find similar positions advertised on websites like Seek and Indeed. This will give you some idea of the industry standards.
Another option is to discuss salary expectations with some of your professional contacts. If you haven’t done so already, set up a LinkedIn account and make some connections. Senior industry figures will be able to advise you, not just on salaries, but all things relating to your new role. Finally, you may like to seek guidance from your industry unions such as …. who negotiate rates and work conditions on their member’s behalfs.

Be prepared

Don’t step into an interview without doing your research first. Employers could put you on the spot by asking you what your salary expectations are, and you’ll need to know how to answer without selling yourself short. By putting you on the spot in this way, the employer could be trying to figure out how little they can get away with paying you, so it is wise to be informed. Set yourself a range which would be negotiable based on your workload, duties and responsibilities, as well as any quirks and benefits the company is offering. The use of a company car or recreation centre could contribute to a great deal in your new job.

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