Building People with Icon Co’s Evan Byrne and Ryan Treweek

In the 8th interview in our “Building People” series, we had the pleasure of interviewing Icon Co’s Evan Byrne (CEO) and Ryan Treweek (New Business Group Manager).

Evan and Ryan discussed Icon’s cultural and business changes that have recently taken place across the organisation. They explained this has allowed Icon to grow into an even bigger construction player and integrate cultures from both Icon Co and Cockram Construction.

Evan said that winning multi-million dollar projects also added to the excitement of the merge as the whole organisation can work towards grander and new projects.

Both agreed that things have changed since the pandemic including slowing down what was a sector-wide building surge, however, the business has been able to take this time to adopt new technologies to innovate productivity while focusing on the future. 

Evan said that the culture at Icon is inclusive and the individuals employed are interactive, communicative and removed from corporate layers of complexity. “It’s important that the team share ideas through open communication.”

Icon has a clear vision for the future which is demonstrated in their business chart and with a plan to primarily work in social construction and built to rent from here onwards.

Watch the full story with Evan and Ryan here

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