Building People with Althea Papinzcak & Erin Oxley, Co-Founders at WIDAC

We recently sat down with WIDAC (Women in Design & Construction) Co-Founders Althea Papinzcak & Erin Oxley to hear how the simple idea of building a community of like-minded construction professionals has evolved in just 4 short years into the national community it is today.

We discuss:

  • What WIDAC is and how it differs from other industry associations
  • How WIDAC provides the opportunity to network with like minds, gives access to industry leaders, adds another avenue to bolster your career opportunity and CPD/learning & development.
  • WIDAC Scholarships
  • How to get the most out of your membership
  • Future plans for the community

And how you can become involved individually or as a business.

Find out more about WIDAC here.

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