Conecta In Conversation with Balmain & Co. on The Importance of Cultivating Company Culture

We spoke to Ken O’Connor (Commercial Manager) and Jessica Jones (Head of Business & Strategy) from Balmain & Co. — who are using Conecta to find construction professionals.

In our interview with Balmain & Co. we explore: 

What they look for in their people and how they approach new projects to grow their business into the future.

How the business is committed to investing in its people and quality of training, offering what they describe as a young, fun and energetic work environment and culture.

Keeping the lines of communication open amongst the team and being approachable to all staff.

The importance that the entire team is involved in the company’s growth through mentoring their staff and driving collaborative efforts across the business.

How the company has been able to sustainably grow by gaining new projects and tenders across different sectors and ensuring their employees are not overworked.

The company’s approach is ‘less is more’ which means thoughtful tendering ensuring quality projects in their portfolio.

Focus on remaining agile as a company and to diversify its experience in areas ranging from civil, government, education and correctional sectors.

What the ‘Balmain Community’ is and how this will establish tangible company values for the entire team to work towards.

Watch the entire interview for our detailed conversation with Ken and Jessica from Balmain & Co.

To learn more about Balmain & Co., head along to their profile page.

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