Construction Jobs in High Demand for 2021

2021 is set to be a busy year in construction across Australia as restrictions ease and budget allocations from state governments find their way to projects.

Growth in projects from $10M to $40M continue to lead the way. There’s evidence of confidence back in the private sector market off the back of how the industry handled construction during COVID. Building didn’t ever really stop, demonstrating the ability to push forward despite worldwide uncertainty.

In addition, the Government strategy of spreading the load across smaller projects and multiple builders ensures more subcontractors (the bulk of industry employment) continue to remain employed. More projects resulted in a rise in demand, in particular the roles we’ve indicated below.

Project sectors remaining buoyant in 2021 will be Health, Corrections, Education, Community, Civic, Social Housing and Medium Density Residential.

With all of this in mind, we’ve shortlisted the most in-demand construction jobs for 2021.


It’s imperative Builders continue to win work post COVID which means competition continues to push margins down. The ability for a Builder to price well and win work, while still ensuring costs are realistic and produce revenue, is essential.

Estimators with great attention to detail, thorough understanding of scope of works and the ability to produce the lowest possible estimates means the Builder is in a great position to win work.

Salary ranges:

Estimator at Tier 1 Company (mid-level): $120-170K

Estimator at Tier 2 Company (mid-level): $120-170K

Estimator at Tier 3 Company( mid-level): $120-170K

Contract Administrators

In the bid to price themselves competitively to win tenders, once a tender is won, it’s also imperative for Builders to deliver the project as close to cost estimate & delivery timeline as possible.

A good CA with strong communication skills and subcontractor relationships ensures costs are kept low, which results in projects delivered in line with estimates; a win/win for all parties.

Good career CA’s, who are passionate about building long-term careers as a CA in commercial management, continue to be sought after as great assets for all Builders.

Salary ranges:

Contract Administrator at Tier 1 Company: $130-160K

Contract Administrator at Tier 2 Company: $130-160K

Contract Administrator at Tier 3 Company: $120-150K

Site Managers

Growth in smaller projects means Tier 2 & 3 Builders require additional Site Managers to run each won project.

A good Site Manager brings with them the ability to keep projects running smoothly, on-time and safely through their strong communication with subcontractors and superior management skills.

Salary ranges

Site Manager at Tier 1 Company: $200-250K

Site Manager at Tier 2 Company: $180-200K

Site Manager at Tier 3 Company: $120-160K

What you need to do now

Whilst good people are still in high demand across the industry, the salary ranges on offer for each are not necessarily as buoyant as in previous years. This goes hand in hand with lower margins, competitive tender pricing and smaller projects being built. 

In this changed world we find ourselves post COVID, money may no longer remain the main driver of your career or work life happiness. Things such as company values, diversity and inclusion, building innovation, environment & sustainability, community and work/life balance may be more important to you than ever before.

With plenty of choice & diversity across Builders, projects and sectors, there’s an opportunity to take stock & reflect on what’s really important to you moving forward. Working with a Builder with values in line with your own is a must when considering your career ahead.

For industry professionals thinking of change; move now for career progression and job satisfaction. Salary increases may be hard to come by for the time being but will certainly come over time, for the right person.

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