How Drones Add Client Value and Increase Safety In Construction

Conecta Interviews The Drone Institute

Conecta recently interviewed Dr. Joel Spencer, Chief Executive Officer at The Drone Institute, to understand the benefits of using drones in the construction sector for safety, efficiency and client value.

When people think about drones in construction, they tend to picture great video & image content. Joel pointed out the other more relevant benefits such as monitoring safety, security and capturing data from tightly confined project zones across workplaces.

There’s also a lot more to it than purchasing the drone itself. There’s rigorous training and regulations to adhere to when flying a drone including planning flight paths and ensuring safety of people, equipment and buildings.

The institute currently works with John Holland and various groups across Australia and New Zealand that are using the innovative capabilities of drone technology to streamline their organisational efforts.

Drones collect data faster than a team of people and add value to clients who need accurate and detailed 3D modelling. Drone footage makes presenting information in a visualised format to stakeholders much faster than it once was traditionally.

Drone data has also changed the nature of project management, enabling teams to instantaneously see what’s happening on-site, every day: the evidence captured more efficiently than other methods such as humans collecting data organically.

Icon’s CEO Evan Byrne recently shared his thoughts on drone technology in our recent interview you can watch here.

Whilst close to 100% of U.S. construction sites already utilise drone technology, Joel says we are right at the beginning of our drone usage with early adapters in Australian construction.

Link to the full interview:

The Drone Institute has been running for four years assisting companies to implement drone technology and use drones correctly and safely.

They provide tailored frameworks, full-proof procedures and management systems to ensure clients can track their progress and get access to the necessary training involved in owning a drone.

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