Fact: Did you know that more than 73% of job applications don’t get seen by human eyes?

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) screen out more than 73% of job applications before they even make it to the desk of the decision-maker*.

Add recruiters into the mix and your chance of being considered is even less.

For example, let’s say 150 people apply for a Senior Safety Manager role. Of those 150 applicants, let’s say 50% are culled by the ATS, and the remaining 75 get in front of the recruiter. The recruiter then checks each applicant and CV against their client’s brief:

  • Experience – current role, current salary, years in industry, sectors, project value, previous employers
  • Other – salary expectations, previous roles, length of employment, qualifications, soft skills, where you live, how far you’d need to travel, etc

Additionally, does the recruiter know you? Do they already have an opinion about you (valid or otherwise)? Have you had dealings with them or their company in the past?

Unfortunately, you’re putting your career in the hands of a person whose personal views & opinions are very much part of the selection process. Even if they’re a really nice person, doing their utmost best for all parties involved, they’re only human, and humans make judgements (and mistakes).

They also cull applications down to 10% of applicants.

To be more specific, 10 out of 150 got an interview (based on statistics from a real recent hire in industry).

It’s a recruiter’s job to save time for their client by shortlisting the best applicants. But that doesn’t mean the client always agrees with who the best candidates are according to their recruiter. The perfect fit is in the eye of the beholder after all, right?

So, what should you do instead? How do you guarantee your application gets to the actual person making the hiring decision?

The solution for construction professionals is to apply for roles through Conecta. Conecta doesn’t ever screen applications, which means yours will always be seen by the hiring manager. Your application goes straight into the hiring manager’s dashboard, which means everyone is considered, always.

That’s not to say we recommend haphazardly applying for unsuitable roles. It just means if you’re a fit, your application will always get seen by the right person.

BUT if the Builder you want to work for isn’t using us yet, don’t be discouraged. Here are a few tips to beat the bots:

Printout/save the job description and highlight:

  • Responsibilities
  • Requirements

In your CV and your cover letter, use the keywords you highlighted. Share why & how your skills match those keywords.

You do not have to be a perfect match to the role you’re applying for as long as you fit the most critical skills & experiencd needed to perform the role. For those you don’t meet, explain how you will go about learning them ON THE JOB.


Role Responsibility: Draft contracts, amendments and variations.

In my current role, I successfully drafted the contract/s for [insert project & value] and [insert outcome]. I have managed amendments and variations for [insert projects and the types of amendments you’ve drafted/lodged] and continue to manage these as they occur.

Expand further. What was the outcome of amendments &/or variations? How did they positively impact on the delivery schedule or project cost? What other favourable outcomes occurred because of your input? Link the outcome achieved to the part you played.

Be mindful of what you believe about your ability to perform in the role when you’re putting your application together. Your beliefs are reflected in the words you use, the tone & pitch of your application and even the roles you choose to apply for. You can read more about that here: How To Write A Construction Cover Letter

Ultimately, your best outcome for getting hired by a Builder you want to work for, in a professional construction role you’re a fit for, rests with getting in front of the right person, at the right time. Don’t waste your chance by putting all your eggs in someone (or ‘something’) else’s basket and crossing your fingers that you make the cut. Take charge of the next step in your career evolution and make sure your application goes direct to the hiring manager.

For more resources to help you get hired in construction, create your Conecta profile today. Find out how to find a Builder you’re a good fit with (it’s not just about projects & salary) and how knowing what you value in life goes hand in hand with mental health & wellness, career happiness and life fulfilment & longevity.

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*statistics from TopResume

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