Grocon Appointed to Clean Up Bushfire-affected Properties

Image: Grocon Wye River bushfire clean-up, 2016.

Grocon has been appointed to clean up bushfire-affected properties in Victoria as part of an immediate state government initiative. The 2020 Clean-up Program was announced by Minister for Natural Disaster and Emergency Management, David Littleproud, and Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Lisa Neville. 

$75 million will be provided by the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments to facilitate the demolition, removal and disposal of all buildings destroyed or damaged beyond repair. 

Insured and uninsured property owners will not be required to pay for the clean-up. 

Grocon will be immediately available to property owners who register for the clean-up program. 

The government has engaged the developer twice previously, to complete the Wye River bushfire clean-up in 2015, and clean-up of more than 3,000 properties following the Black Saturday bushfires in 2009. 

Grocon will prioritise local contractors for the work, which will include destruction, removal and disposal of all affected buildings, including residential, commercial and public buildings as well as sheds. 

Neville said the priority of the State Government is completing work as soon as possible.

“This is about clearing the debris, cutting red tape and reducing costs for the community, so everyone can start the important work of rebuilding as soon as possible.”

“We’re fully-funding this program and won’t be sending the clean-up bill to affected Victorians who have already been through so much.”

The Commonwealth is working with all bushfire-affected states, providing a 50 per cent contribution to clean-up efforts. 

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