Hickory Takes Next Step in Relationship with Mace

Atira Student Living. Image Source: Hickory Group

Hickory has continued its joint venture with Mace Construction by licensing its patented Hickory Building System, with the UK builder establishing Mace Tech to manage the deployment. 

The system, which has also previously been deployed in China, and uses prefabricated elements to speed up high-rise construction, has been renamed High Rise Solutions for the UK.

The joint venture is a strategic move by the local Tier 1 company that will no doubt see its presence expand into a number of international construction markets. 

Hickory touts its innovative model as a cost- and time-effective solution for medium to high-rise builds, that is safer and more sustainable than other building methods.

Mace Tech predicts the system will reduce design and construction programmes by 25%, vehicle movement by 40% and waste 70%, creating a holistically more streamlined construction process. 

So far, Mace has been successful in shortening the construction programme of its N06 residential development by 18 weeks, with 20% fewer workers onsite.

The state-of-the-art structural system integrates the core, shear walls, bathrooms and facade of a building into one structure, built in-situ, eliminating the need for work on the building edge and in turn, the safety risk of falling objects or people.

Hickory’s parallel construction program, which sees modules created at the company’s Laverton North factory, cuts down build times by up to 50% thanks to the eliminated risk of weather delays. 

The Hickory System made its debut when the company completed the world’s tallest prefabricated building on LaTrobe Street in 2016. More recently the builder put it to use on the tallest prefabricated student accommodation building, Atira Student Living and the world’s 4th slimmest tower, Collins House, also one of the world’s tallest prefab buildings.

The innovative technology won the Council on Tall Building and Urban Habitat’s Construction Award in the 2019 Awards of Excellence for advancements in the construction of tall buildings. 

“As an Australian-owned building company, we’re very proud to be receiving recognition overseas for our building technology. Contributing to a project like N06 [build-to-rent scheme in the UK] sets a precedent for the future of large scale developments overseas and is a major step for Australia’s industrial reputation” says Hickory Director, George Argyrou.

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