Hickory Leader of Change with Market Lane Project

Hickory is cementing itself as an innovative builder-developer, partnering with Elenberg Fraser for its Market Lane project at 68 Clarke Street, South Melbourne.

The biophilic design approach taken by the lauded architecture firm aims to overhaul the traditional ideals of the office building. 

Dubbed a “non-office office,” the building was designed with the millennial worker in mind, Elenberg Fraser having completed extensive research into the changing nature of the workforce.

Combining the hallmarks of a standard office with 5-star end of trip facilities and wellness facilities such as fitness and yoga studio, Elenberg Fraser’s Vicki Karavasil says such features were chosen to ensure the wellbeing of those working inside. 

“We wanted to understand exactly what makes people want to work at, and stay working at, a workplace,” she said. 

The terraced building will be rife with greenery, encouraging tenants to work both in and outdoors, with landscaped terraces taking up residence in communal outdoor spaces. 

Upper levels will enjoy private terraced spaces with views overlooking the CBD, Albert Park and Botanic Gardens. 

A central atrium will provide natural light and fresh air, while end-of-trip amenities in the building’s basement, such as grooming stations, bicycle repair and a dry cleaning service will benefit those who cycle to work.

Two predominant building forms are connected by a central atrium with living greenery that filters natural light and fresh air into each level. The design allows for interconnectivity between floors via additional staircases if desired.

The building comprises 8,500 sq m of office space, with online travel business, Luxury Escapes signing a five year lease and Hickory moving its headquarters to the top floor early in 2020. 

Modelled after the iconic Melbourne laneway concept, the building’s ground floor will feature an active laneway with food and retail spaces. 

The building is set for completion in March 2020. For more information about Market Lane and leasing opportunities available, please visit Market Lane

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