Blackfooted Business Advisors

Black Footed Business Advisors enable business visionaries, leaders and managers in commercial construction contractors and professional services to execute your vision with precision, through systems, operations, strategies and leading marketing and branding principles that drive people, profits and performance. 

Black Footed Business Advisors is ideal for business owners with turnover of $1M to $40M with the ambition to grow, scale, exit or position themselves as recognised market leaders.


Executive Advisor

Caroline Vass has previous development experience running her own property development business and counseling practice. She is the Managing Director of Ron Malhotra International and brings business strategy experience, people management experience and marketing intelligence insights. Caroline has a keen eye for systemizing operations, to free up time for business owners, enabling them to scale and pursue their goals. Caroline is married with two boys and has a passion for running businesses.

Contact: [email protected]

Associate Advisor

Elinor Moshe is an ambitious and driven thought leader, best-selling author, podcast host and businesswoman disrupting the construction industry. She’s the founder of The Construction Coach; Australia’s first construction coach. She’s the podcast host of Constructing You, Elinor interviews exemplary leaders and industry titans who dominate construction business. Elinor ties her distinctive thinking, uncommon insights with over 8 years’ experience in the commercial construction industry, to generate transformative and exceptional results for her clients. Elinor has been featured in Yahoo! Finance, Australian National Construction Review and over 30 podcasts discussing her career and business acumen. She holds a Master of Construction Management and Bachelor of Environments from the University of Melbourne.

Contact: [email protected]


Founder / Executive Advisor

Ron Malhotra has an extensive background in corporate financial services, selling complex financial solutions and specializing in both B2C and B2B sales. Ron is the Managing Director of Maple Tree Wealth Management, a boutique financial advisory firm based in South East Melbourne. Ron has built various other businesses, scaled internationally and formed high-performance teams. His passion and understanding of business strategy, finance, sales training, marketing, planning and execution, gives him the depth and breadth of expertise to assist his clients to plan for business growth, profitability or succession. Ron is a recognised Thought Leader, he is an author of 7 books and a coveted global speaker and trainer. His views have been featured on Entrepreneur, Money Magazine, Australian Financial Review, Personal Investor and more. Ron’s content has been viewed over 120 million times.

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