Lendlease Develops Revolutionary New Digital Modelling Technology

Lendlease has announced its latest game-changing technology, the ‘digital twins’ which will model aspects of new buildings and detect construction issues prior to construction commencing.

Their artificial intelligence is believed to innovate and disrupt the future of the building industry by preventing failed projects and enabling the visualisation of plans.

The ‘Podium’ platform used by Lendlease will allow material changes to be made ahead of time and will predict the effects of natural factors such as wind and fire.

Lendlease’s technology will also monitor building performance after completion by collecting data points and detecting if aspects of the building will need improvements and servicing.

The new technology comes about under the leadership of Mr. Bill Ruh who is Lendlease’s new Digital CEO and who came to Lendlease after roles at General Electric and Cisco Systems.

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According to ITNews, Lendlease created the technology by teaming up with tech leaders, Microsoft, Dell, Ansys and the Object Management Group. 

Mr. Ruh made comments that his company’s latest technology will be the greatest innovation in the construction sector in 100 years.

Since Mr. Ruh was hired as Digital CEO, Lendlease’s number of digital roles has gone from less than 10 up to 70, and he is pushing to add more people and budget to the digital division of Lendlease.

He has not ruled out the possibility of commercialising the technology to allow other building groups to use the platform in the future.

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Image Source: Middlesex University London

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