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Create a free profile and be smart-matched to white-collar construction jobs that meet your experience, salary goals, and career aspirations. Deal direct with the employer; no recruiters ever.
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The best opportunities find YOU on Conecta

Using cutting-edge technology, we smart-match you to jobs that meet your career goals, experience, salary expectations, and skill-set. You get instant access to real jobs direct from the employer and their key decision-maker. Our partners also use Conecta to talent-pool members for upcoming projects and many reach out directly for off-market opportunities.

A simple construction specific profile

Your profile captures all your relevant construction experience so you never have to wonder if you're showcasing your best self. It's simple & quick to complete (or we can do it for you).

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Live application progress updates

You're kept up to date in real time with your application's progress so you're never in the dark about where you stand.

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Employer insights & interviews you won't find elsewhere

We uncover what makes our partners tick. With real insight into a company's vision, values & culture through our interviews and insights, you can decide if it's a fit BEFORE you get hired.

Access to the hidden job market

You don't need to network when you have a Conecta profile. Our partners actively talent pool good-fit professionals and reach out directly with off-market opportunities.

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Tell us a bit about your skills, qualifications, project experience and interests. In as little as 10 minutes you’ll ensure your profile showcases the best of your career and talents and you can start applying for jobs. Too busy? Send us your CV or LinkedIn profile and we’ll create it for you.

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Actively seeking (or not)

You’re in complete control. With the click of a button, you can opt to be seen as ‘actively job seeking’, ‘passively open to opportunities’ or ‘not looking’. You’re always hidden from your current employer so your privacy remains intact.
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Your dashboard smart-matches relevant jobs, company profiles and job alerts based on your preferences, and with the click of a button you can apply for the opportunities that inspire you.

How It Work

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Stay notified about new jobs and new partners by checking in to your Conecta Dashboard. All invites to jobs and applications are updated here. Follow companies to be the first to hear about new opportunities at companies you want to work for.
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