New Innovative Tech To Protect Fair Pay In Construction

Subcontractors WA chairwoman Louise Stewart has introduced protection for fair pay in construction by creatingProjectPay, her new innovative technology.

We’re taking a look at how ProjectPay is streamlining processes in construction, creating more transparent records for fairer payment. ProjectPay is just one new innovation paving the way for bold moves to carry the Australian construction industry into a stronger future.

Ms Stewart is an advocate for fair contracts and timely payment for WA subcontractors.  ProjectPay acts as an innovative solution to the notoriously messy payment processes for subcontractors. The tech will help subcontractors manage and keep track of payment at every level of the supply chain.

Image source: The West Australian

The 2018 National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) Awards for Excellence have acknowledged her efforts. She took out the Hassel Innovation Award at the NAWIC Awards, hosted by Mamamia owner and women’s advocate Mia Freedman.

The technology gives subcontractors a means to easily and accurately keep track of records and transactions throughout the entire supply chain.

Previously, head contractors and builders claimed that project bank accounts were too difficult to set up and too hard to administer, sometimes resulting in unfair payment to subcontractors. ProjectPay uses ledger technology to record business costs, streamline processes and compliance.

At Conecta, we are championing the introduction of new technology and innovations in the industry to create a bright, strong future for construction. It’s widely accepted that it’s a crucial time for construction to be taking on smarter, streamlined approaches to its processes.

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