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HLC Constructions (HL Cuthbert)

HLC Constructions Pty Ltd is a successful construction company with a family history being established in 1936.






Looking for High-Paying HL Cuthbert Construction Jobs? Look No Further Than Conecta

HL Cuthbert & Sons, also known as HLC Constructions, is a proudly third-generation family-owned company with 70+ years’ experience in Victoria’s building industry and over 500 projects under its belt.


The fact that more than 80% of the firm’s business comes from repeat clients is a strong testament to HLC’s work. Pair this with the company’s mantra of “you are only as good as your last project”, and it’s easy to see why the HL Cuthbert name enjoys such an outstanding reputation nationwide.


This phenomenal reputation leads to more projects, which results in more job openings; of which Conecta is the ideal channel for linking aspiring building professionals with HLC’s in-house recruitment team.


What does it mean to work at HL Cuthbert & Sons?

This is not a construction company that is complacent with its impressive portfolio of diverse projects – HLC prides itself on being forward-thinking. Built on core values like integrity, trust, quality and commitment; the HLC team is able to consistently deliver innovative projects on time and on budget, with no hidden surprises.


HLC works closely with clients to provide valuable input on approach to buildability, as well as advising on ideal materials with long lead time. It’s one thing to cease operations for several months while large-scale construction and renovations take place, but HLC specialises in completing flawless work without disrupting the client’s operations.


Of course, this approach requires endless management of complex logistics, and this creates more job opportunities for suitable candidates as well.


Why apply for HL Cuthbert construction jobs online with Conecta?

One of HLC’s biggest selling points to its clients is that the team comprises the most up-to-date skills and training in the industry, staying on top of all the latest trends and techniques in construction.


This is where experienced building professionals become an invaluable asset to the HL Cuthbert team. By recruiting new people who each bring their own diverse set of skills to the role, HLC is able to deliver on its promises of creative, well-managed and cost-efficient projects.


By securing a construction job with HL Cuthbert, you’ll be embracing the opportunity to leave your mark on a diverse 70-year portfolio that already includes:

  • Sporting/community facilities
  • Commercial offices
  • Fast food outlets
  • Industrial complexes
  • Medical centres
  • Media centres
  • Hospitality venues
  • Schools
  • Countless retail spaces and residential projects


Anyone with a solid background in areas like Design Development, Design & Construction, New Construction, Fitouts & Refurbishments, Site Management, Project Coordination or Maintenance is likely to find positions of interest at HL Cuthbert, via Conecta.


This revolutionary platform has also helped numerous building professionals secure jobs at other reputable construction companies like Maben, Kapitol Group, Harris HMC, Chase Group and others.


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