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Maben Group

Key Information

Head Office 22 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne
Size 40-50
Website maben.com.au

Sectors / Specialisations

What We Stand For
We’re driven by the legacy of leaving good buildings.

For over a decade Maben has been challenging larger and more established construction companies for an increasing share of top end business.

As well as having energy and drive on our side and a passion for the business, we offer a number of
clear points-of-difference other organisations can’t match.
Why Work For Us?
Maben Group’s strongest asset is its people. With leading directors, quality project managers
and highly experienced site managers in our ranks, we bring a varying mix of specialised skills
to every job.

Maben Group’s diverse range of skilled personnel contributes valuable expertise and
experience to the project team at all phases of the building process, from working
collaboratively with design consultants to managing and driving work onsite.

Our vision is to create and provide fulfilling opportunities for skilled people with a legacy of
great buildings

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Recent Projects

Highpoint Aesthetic Upgrade
The project involved the aesthetic upgrade of over 10,000sqm of public shopping malls over levels 2 & 3. The scope of work in each zone included the replacement of all floor finishes, ceiling and soffit treatments, structural modifications to voids, upgrade of balustrades, feature lighting, service modifications and replacement of vertical transportation. All works commenced after hours within a live and operating shopping centre environment and required a safe transition from the construction to retail trading environment each morning.
Maribyrnong, Victoria
14,000-square-metre A-Grade commercial office building. The 10-storey Fender Katsalidis-designed commercial tower is fully committed to the Victorian Department of Transport, who will occupy all six levels of office space once construction is complete. The office building, designed by peckvonhartel, will offer 2,150sqm floorplates for tenants, with 360 degree views of the Yarra Valley, along with premium end-of-trip facilities. It forms part of the town square and office precinct.
Ringwood, Victoria
Early 2022
Windsor Primary School
The project involves the significant upgrade and modernisation of the existing Windsor Primary School. Maben Group are looking forward to working closely with the Victorian School Building Authority and Jackson Clements Burrows to deliver this project.
Windsor, Victoria

Damien Marasco

Damien Marasco is the general manager of the Maben Group. He founded the company along side Ben Pederson in 2004. He is responsible for the day-to-day running of all projects within the group.

Ben Pederson

Ben Pedersen founded Maben Group with Damien Marasco in 2004, demonstrating true entrepreneurial characteristics and a passion for the industry. Ben is passionate about creating a company that is committed to providing quality construction services that are both cost effective and innovative. Since its inception, the company has developed a dedicated team of construction experts. Their knowledge and experience in the field of construction management is sought after by the industry.

Craig Gathercole

Craig has a wealth of experience in the construction industry, having worked on a number of complex projects. His knowledge and expertise encompass all facets of construction, from design development through to project management.

Paul Pettenuzzo

Estimating Manager
Paul has over 25 years estimating experience in various sectors of the industry, with a particular expertise in retail. He has managed estimating teams of varying sizes and has successfully secured projects in various market sectors. Paul's strong knowledge of estimating and construction management models is very beneficial in achieving successful projects.

Daniel Coluccio

Senior Project Manager
Daniel commenced his career with Maben Group in 2012 and has completed many significant projects including the Debenhams Development, Aurora Community & Activity Centre, Craigieburn Junction and the Metropolitan Golf Clubhouse. Our clients, consultants and sub-contractors respect Daniel for his calm and unwavering leadership in challenging situations on site. His attention to detail and disciplined managerial skills are an asset to any project team.

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