Pelligra Targets Growth in Aquaculture Projects

Pelligra has acquired over 560 hectares of land in Avalon and Geelong where plans have been made to boost aquaculture projects on these sites.

Pelligra’s portfolio covers commercial, industrial, and residential property development.

$70m will be spent on developing a 96-hectare sustainable fish farm in Avalon by Aqua-Partners.

This facility will be able to process 2,400 tonnes of fresh seafood with the capacity to expand 12,000 tonnes per year.

It has been said that Pelligra aims to help aquaculture businesses establish themselves on the land it had acquired and turn nearby industrial parks owned by Pelligra into processing plants for seafood products.

Ross Pelligra, Chairman told Conecta he wants to:

“Improve aquaculture facilities to ensure technology is used to improve the quality of air, water and eliminate bacterias to ensure all seafood is grown safely.”

He said that in the past they have been approached by a number of groups wanting to lease 5,000 to 10,000 sq m warehouses and grow fish inside.

The two new sites will offer an opportunity for businesses such as Aqua-Partners to build these facilities, and assist a new agricultural industry in Victoria.

It’s alleged that Pelligra paid Ridley Corporation $2.1m for its new site at Avalon and an undisclosed sum for their new site in Geelong.

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Recently Pelligra acquired the Rydges on Swanston Hotel in Melbourne and a 20-hectare site at 31 Fuller Road, Ravenhall.

Pelligra has been working with Melton City Council for new sites up to 11,185 sq m in size which once complete will be valued at around $100m.

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Image Source: The Urban Developer

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