Roberts Pizzarotti Implement 5-Day Working Calendar

Last week Roberts Pizzarotti announced their transition towards a five-day working calendar across the organisation which was voted in by its employees.

Based in Sydney, Roberts Pizzarotti is committed to driving positive change in the Australian construction industry.

Alison Mirams, Chief Executive Officer at Roberts Pizzarotti made the announcement which was voted in favour of the company’s new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement.

It is said that this shift in work structure will positively affect employees’ health and wellbeing as well as maintain costs and time budgeted on projects.

Alison wrote, “We are seeing productivity benefits of working five days a week on our Concord Hospital project. It is groundbreaking to have this calendar available for all new projects moving forward.”

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The group’s move towards a shorter working week was voted in by employees after the team successfully piloted the system during work on the Concord Hospital.

Recently the construction sector has seen more companies take on company-wide approaches to responsibly tackling mental health and wellbeing.

Roberts Pizzarotti worked closely with CFMEU to coordinate the new changes and prioritise the mental health and wellbeing of their workforce into the future.

With more groups in the sector working to make workplaces more accessible, this could see the five-day calendar embraced across the industry.

Moving forward, all of Roberts Pizzarotti’s subcontractors, clients, consultants and employees’ work-life balance will be prioritised as a result of this change.

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Image Source: Roberts Pizzarotti

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