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Assistant Project Manager

As you might have already guessed, Assistant Project Managers provide much-needed support to the Project Manager, whose workload tends to fluctuate and can often get overwhelming at various stages throughout any building project.
An Assistant Project Manager job will see you assisting in the planning and coordination of projects, taking on administrative duties and independently managing some elements of the project yourself, among other important assignments.
The role typically involves monitoring the project’s progress, keeping stakeholders in the loop, arranging meetings or consultations with other team members involved in the project, and a whole host of other responsibilities.

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In order to secure an Assistant Project Manager position, most recruiters will expect you to have the following qualifications and experience:

  • Degree in business management (or a similar discipline)
  • Previous experience in either project management or a similar role with transferrable skills
  • High proficiency in various project management software
  • Meticulous attention to detail, efficient problem-solving skills, excellent communication skills and the ability to multitask

Including these key points in your Conecta profile will drastically improve your chances of being noticed by hiring managers who are looking to fill Assistant Project Manager positions in Australia.

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