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Are you a construction graduate who is seeking recruitment from renowned and reputable building companies in your area? For those of you who have recently completed their qualifications and are now ready to join the workforce, deciding on the right role to cater for your unique skills and passions can be overwhelming.
At Conecta, we specialise in linking capable construction graduates with hiring managers from industry-leading building firms who are looking to fill career-making positions. Regardless of which specific discipline you see yourself gravitating towards within the construction sector; your promising career starts with an enticing Conecta profile.
Our state-of-the-art platform removes the need to go through a construction graduate recruitment agency, putting you directly in touch with potential employers for a more streamlined hiring process.

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Australia’s construction sector is constantly expanding, with exciting new Graduate jobs being created every day. With so many new construction graduate jobs opening up, Conecta offers hiring managers direct and convenient access to the industry’s newest aspiring professionals.
By equipping yourself with a detailed Conecta profile that showcases your skills, qualifications and experience; you can ensure that these hiring managers notice you. With any luck, you might even find yourself being approached with off-market opportunities.
Create your Conecta Profile and apply directly to each Construction Company’s hiring manager today.

Australia’s top building companies use Conecta to find ideal job candidates

From Kapitol Group and Maben Group, to Cobild, Alchemy Construct and many more, Conecta provides Australia’s industry-leading construction firms with a convenient and straightforward resource for connecting with the sector’s newest aspiring professionals.
Whether your aspirations are to become a Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Contract Administrator, Site Manager, Foreman, Estimator or Design Coordinator, the first step is to simply crack into the industry – and Conecta makes construction graduate recruitment a breeze.
Sign up today, and launch an exciting career in construction, with no limits to what you can achieve. A Conecta profile also gains you access to helpful resources like up-to-date industry news, so that you are aware of exactly where Australia’s building sector is at, and what jobs are going.

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Conecta is here to assist with all your construction job recruitment needs. If you have any questions about how our platform works, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line and a friendly member of our team will be happy to provide further information.

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