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The Contracts Manager is responsible for overseeing the contracts functions of a project. Their role is varied and involves many different duties.

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The Contracts Manager is expected to assist with cost control measures relating to the business, such as daily costing, budget management and review, and forecasting as required. As part of this cost control, they may be required to review daily timesheets in comparison to subcontracts and industry agreements, along with any other cost management associated with the project’s subcontractors and suppliers. This can extend to valuations, claims, ongoing payments and variation control; and anything else stipulated in the relevant subcontracts.

The Contracts Manager also must prepare monthly reporting documentation on costs accrued to date and may also be asked to report on forecasted costs as part of this responsibility. They may also contribute to the preparation of other reporting, consulting on aspects of claims, variations, budget and subcontracts where required.

Contracts Managers should possess strong financial acumen to succeed in this role. Their skills will be called upon to assist with claims, variations and procurement requirements as part of the position.

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