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Design Manager

Design Management is a diverse role that keeps you on your toes, and can ultimately be a lot of fun.

With so many people involved in the design and construction of every new project, there needs to be someone who oversees the overall process for all the various minor design aspects of the building.

As a Design Manager, you are tasked with integrating multiple building designs into a single finished product that is ready for construction. While this is a lot of responsibility to take on, the reward is that you get to leave your mark on the final, fully constructed building.

When Design Managers do their job well, the result is that the actual construction of the design is executed smoothly and seamlessly, with minimal delays or unexpected costs.

Current open roles

Some of the main jobs that a Design Coordinator is tasked with include:

  • The overseeing and management of a project’s building design; right down to the nuts and bolts
  • The establishment of clear and concise design protocols, and ensuring all designers involved in the project strictly adhere to them
  • Clear communication between each and every contributing party; be it lead designers, sub-contractors, project managers, consultants and more
  • Efficient delivery of well-structured design proposals which clearly convey every aspect of the projected building design

Design Managers need to be able to keep a close rein on a project’s budget and time constraints, and problem-solving is also an essential skill. In order to be noticed by hiring managers seeking someone for Design Management positions, your Conecta profile should clearly convey that you possess these skills.


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