Watpac CEO Suggests New Approach to Major Construction Tenders

Watpac CEO Jean-Pol Bouharmont has suggested the way forward in construction is breaking up multibillion-dollar infrastructure projects into smaller tenders. 

The idea of taking on a project’s entire scope, including tunnelling, property management and maintenance work, is said to contribute to huge cost blowouts, which could be avoided if the burden is shared amongst contractors. 

Bouharmont says this will also create more local competition and reduce the risk of and project delays.

Mr. Bouharmont said “in other parts of the world where I have been working it has been quite successful being able to bring to the market specialist contractors by having different packages.” 

He has said that he wants to take equity stakes in projects where possible. 

Bouharmont is broadening Watpac beyond construction and property development and into civil and marine engineering, which will mean that Watpac can bid for a greater range of projects in the future.

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Watpac currently has a team of 160 engineers in Australia which enables the business to design and deliver projects completely in-house.

We recently reported that Simon Ballard from CPB Contractors will now run Watpac’s Victorian and South Australian operations. We have also closely followed the $562 million Frankston Hospital Development tender that Watpac has targeted. 

He is keen to see the Government push forward with financial stimulus packages so that construction can return to business as usual for Watpac and the rest of the industry that is struggling with project delays. 

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