Why You Should Be Networking In Construction Engineering

In our oversaturated digital age, it’s getting harder and harder to stand out among a pool– no, an ocean–of applicants going for the same job. Applicant tracking systems weed out resumes lacking the right keywords, and employers will only look at a fraction of the applications they receive. Never has networking been more important to landing a job – not to mention a job that matches your interests and career goals. With our years of industry experience, we thought we’d share some advice on how to network in the engineering and construction game.

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Networking opens up a world of job opportunities – and while it may seem intimidating, it isn’t all that hard to do. The internet and new technologies haven’t made it harder to get a job, they’ve just changed the way people get recruited. We’re moving into era where people rely more on virtual communities, slowly rendering jobs boards less relevant.

Social Media

Social media is not the be-all and end-all of jobs networking opportunities but it’s certainly a good place to start. By connecting with industry leaders and former colleagues on Facebook and LinkedIn, you’ll be in the loop when there are call-outs for new roles, and up to speed on news of upcoming projects. LinkedIn also shows off your skills and experience every time you make a new contact.

Join in Discussions

It’s not enough to just create a Facebook or LinkedIn page then set and forget! The whole point of networking is staying connected, and this means engaging with those news items, announcements and discussions, as well as sharing your own tidbits of information. Think of networking as building your career opportunities well beyond your next gig.

Networking Platforms

Platforms like Conecta allow you to store your complete CV, apply to jobs and track the progress of those applications, while joining in networks including industry leaders. Through such online platforms, your profile can be viewed by employers who are looking for talent even before jobs are advertised. Employers tap into talent pools on websites like Conecta when looking to fill new roles.

Networking Events

You’ve heard about them, now it’s time to attend them. Drag along a colleague or invite a former workmate you haven’t seen in a while. Noteworthy industry events in Victoria include Civil Contractors Federation Industry Awards and the Society of Construction Law Annual National Conference.

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