How To Beat The Job Boards In 2018

The job board, while highly useful in theory, is fraught with issue. Both job hunters and recruiters alike struggle to utilise the job board to its promised potential. The idea is there: job boards could be a handy way to apply for jobs and also provide a way for recruiters/employers to manage job applications. Alas, there are those of us who question whether anyone gets jobs through job boards at all. Fortunately, there is a way to break through the noise, and even to bypass job boards altogether.

The problem

There are a bunch of issues with job boards that prevent them from doing what they’re designed to do: match great candidates with roles. Candidates can apply for dozens of jobs at any one time, even jobs that they’ve got no chance of getting. Not only is this a waste of time for job hunters, but recruiters must spend hours sorting through the huge quantities of not-quite-right applications. REcruiters rarely give each resume the attention and consideration they deserve as they skim through to find the key points, and fantastic candidates can easily get missed. With processes like these, it’s hard to see why you’d bother to apply via a job board at all.

How to beat them

For job hunters, applying via job boards is all about differentiating yourself from the hoards of other people applying for your dream role. One way to do this is by always including a well-written cover letter. Research the main companies you’re applying for, tailor your letter to the roles you’re going for, and address the company within your letter to get their attention. While it’s important to write for humans rather than machines, you’ll also need to place keywords within your application, as some recruiters use applicant tracking systems.

Beyond the job board…

Even after having done all you can to differentiate yourself, there’s no guarantee your application through a job board will be successful. This is why job seekers and employers are now looking to online platforms which are more efficient at matching candidates with roles. Look for industry-specific platforms that bypass recruiters and emphasise transparency over the job search process. From the moment you create your profile and CV, you should be able to view the status of your application and see whether you’re still in the running or whether it’s time to start searching for more jobs. These platforms are much more useful than traditional job boards, because they allow you to become part of a community of candidates that employers can tap into when they’re on the hunt for top talent.

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