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Create a profile to view & apply for construction management jobs advertised directly by each employer. All applications and communication is with the employer’s internal hiring team. 
Search jobs by company, job title, project value, sector, salary and location.

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Jobs include Project Coordinators & Project Engineers, Contract Administrators, Estimators, Project Managers, Foreman, Site Supervisors, Site Managers, Safety, Senior Roles and more.
Project values from $1M-$70M+.

Find construction jobs & apply directly

Search by company, job-title, project value, sector & salary. Deal directly with the employer; no recruiters ever. Set your job search as Active or Passive to let companies know you're open to opportunities. Set your job status to Not Looking to keep your job search private.

Click to apply & live application updates

Apply to multiple roles across multiple builders with a simple click. No application letters required. See your application progress live inside your dashboard.

Employer insights to assist your job search

Find detailed company insights like projects, project size, sectors, culture, employee benefits & company values so you never regret a job choice again.

Leading construction news

Industry news that supports your job search. Find out who's winning work, which sectors are hot, new project announcements and access exclusive leader interviews.

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Tell us your skills, qualifications, project experience and career goals. In under 10 minutes your profile showcases exactly what a construction employer needs to know to support your application. Too busy or need help? Send us your CV or LinkedIn profile and we’ll create it for you.
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You’re in complete control. Simply choose your job seeking status: Active, Passive or Not Looking. You’re always hidden from your current employer, no matter your job seeking status. 
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How It Work

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Filter jobs based on company, job title, salary, project size, sector & location. Apply with a click and the employer will be in touch. You’ll receive notifications inside the platform and via email & sms.
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How It Work

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Stay notified about new jobs and new partners by checking in to your Conecta Dashboard. All invites to jobs and applications are updated here. ‘Follow’ companies to be added to their talent pool. 
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