Bold New Design Concept For Yarra River Pool, Wetlands & More

Released design plans for a refreshing makeover would transform the existing and partially forgotten section of the city and Yarra river.

In collaboration between Melbourne architects Wowowa and Yarra Pools, an example of the proposed design has been released.

Yarra riverkeeper Andrew Kelly has already backed the proposal. “It turns an underloved part of the river into a magnet for people,’’ he said.

While 350,000 people are expected annually to visit the pool and cafe alone, the proposal would also encourage additional visitors to its community pavilions and kayak-launching spot.

Next steps for the ambitious project involve gaining approval from the state government and the City of Melbourne. While the project would revive a forgotten and unused area of the city, it’s been interpreted by the council as holding some risk.

“The Yarra pool concept is ambitious and we’re keen to find out more before offering our support to the concept,’’ Lord Mayor Sally Capp said.

“There are a number of issues that need to be considered before determining whether it is feasible, both logistically and from a business case perspective.

“This includes whether a pool would be technically feasible at this location, due to a number of potential constraints at the site.” Capp said.

Although, the council is excited for a new project that would better connect people with the river. In the state election campaign, the Greens even offered a $34 million proposal to create a swimmable Yarra River in its central and inner reaches. This showed strong interest in helping residents to further utilise and appreciate the river.

In 2017, a ‘pool on a floating pontoon’ in a similar riverside location was proposed but rejected by council for a $175,000 application.

Keep up with Conecta to see how this proposal evolves as the council looks into the feasibility of the ambitious proposal.

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