Career Coaching Series #2 – Finding Your Vision, Purpose and Values in the Construction Industry

When it comes to identifying your values, there is no right or wrong. There are simply your values.

Caroline Vass and Elinor Moshe from Blackfooted Business Advisors are back to share more on the importance of unearthing your career vision, purpose and values for a happier, more fulfilled construction career.

In Part 2, they discuss how misaligned goals and values can throw your career progression off kilter, not to mention the effect this can have on your day-to-day happiness in your job and personal life.

Conecta Coaching | Vision, Purpose, Values Part 2 | Consequence of Achieving Misaligned Goals

Part 3 is all about discovering your values and how they align with your vision for your career, how they impact your personal life and how to take purpose-based actions to excel in your career.

Conecta Coaching | Vision, Purpose, Values Part 3 | No right or wrong values, simply YOUR values.

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