Conecta Interviews Payapps On Its Progress Payment Software

Recently we spoke with Nick Opasinis, Senior Business Development Manager of Payapps about their technology and how it streamlines efficiency and saves money across the construction industry. 

The construction progress claims process and end to end management of paperwork is often managed manually by spreadsheets. Payapps has digitised the process through assessments and approvals made within the app, doing away with time-consuming paper processing. 

Payapps’ technology has revolutionalised claim processing in the construction industry with leading construction giants, Hansen Yuncken adopting the app. Nick has seen the app being put to use across large scale projects across the industry and encourages Tier 2 and 3 builders to try out the app and adopt the technology for smaller scale works. 

Payapps provide full transparency throughout the construction payment cycle. Some of Payapps clients have seen up to 50% less time spent on claims processing. 

Payapps has been designed to specifically help contract administrators, subcontractors and other building roles. Users of the app can use a centralised login to access their payment information and make claims, making the process smooth for everyone involved. 

Nick has found that Payapps has changed the way builders work and removed manual process blocks in the everyday building workflow. Typically, the construction industry has been adverse to adopting technology. Although, Payapps has been a game changer for teams to automate and streamline their workflows and arduous tasks. 

Recently Payapps’ parent company, Zuuse secured important funding from IFM Investors. This investment group will support Zuuse with $50m, which will help with Payapps expansion across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. 

“This is a terrific and exciting new partnership for us”, said Geoff Tarrant, Executive Chairman of Zuuse. 

“IFM’s investment will fund a number of clearly identified growth initiatives and help cement the company’s position as  a  global industry leader  in  construction  and  building  operations  software.” 

Geoff Tarrant, Executive Chairman of Zuuse

Payapps shares Conecta’s vision of significant increases in productivity, efficiency and cost savings through the adoption of technology & digital transformation in the construction sector.

Nick says that there will be new features and enhancements to be rolled out across the Payapps app, which builders can look forward to very soon. 

Watch the full interview on Payapps here. 

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