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Conecta is redefining the recruitment process by connecting you directly with hiring companies through a simple-to-use job marketplace. 

Specifically created for the construction industry by construction recruiters, Conecta is your single place to create a profile once and apply directly to hiring managers, all with the click of a button.

You’ll no longer deal with the bias of a recruiter deciding your fate or the long days wondering if the right person saw your application. 

There’s no algorithm deciding the quality of your application and crossing you out before you even get presented. 

There’s no person nor software standing between you and the hiring decision maker at all.

We get what it’s like to get ‘crickets’ after job applications. The feeling of deflation and let-down after your detailed application efforts go unnoticed by bots, recruiters and sometimes even builders.

We built Conecta so you never had to experience that again. 

You’ll always know where you stand at every stage of the hiring process.

That’s application, interview, offer or rejection. 

Yep, rejection, we said it… 

It happens to everyone at some point, so we keep you updated no matter what the outcome, so you can move on quickly, too. 

Conecta empowers you to be in charge of your own job hunt by always knowing where you stand, so you can make well-informed decisions as quickly as possible.

Are you ready to apply for construction graduate roles?

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NB: Becoming a member gives you access to the latest construction news, industry specific career support and job opportunities direct from employers.

Graduate Roles | Matt Love from Conecta on Vimeo.

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Conecta is an innovative jobs platform for the construction and engineering industry.

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