The Role of the Employer in Upskilling Construction Workers

As the construction industry begins to embrace technology and update its approach, the need for upskilling construction workers to reflect the industry has never been more crucial.

A Hays Recruitment survey found that 59% of construction employers felt that management and soft skills were crucially linked to their forecasts of effectiveness within their organisation.

Similar percentages of employees express a desire to improve their knowledge in these areas. It then becomes clear that upskilling construction workers benefits everyone.

So, how can employers facilitate upskilling within their business, and drive productivity and engagement across their teams as a result?

Develop a clear progression plan

Before committing to a course of upskilling with an employee or team, it’s important to first clarify the goals of the education – and what steps both parties will take to get there.

You should also aim to better understand the knowledge gaps within your organisation. This way, additional training can increase the diversification of skills across your team. A strong and diverse knowledge base will strengthen your business from the ground up.

Developing a plan and revising this before proceeding ensures that you and your employees are on the same page. This also gives you documentation to refer back to along the way.

Give relevant opportunities for growth

Once you and your team have identified the skills you’re targeting, it’s crucial that you provide them the opportunities to develop them.

You can deliver this on the job, as part of an external course or seminar, or as an extension of the team member’s current responsibilities.

As an employer, you should support your employees as they develop their skills. Be sure to provide regular constructive feedback to promote further learning.

Ensure opportunities given will further the advancement of both your employees, and your business.

Standardise the process

Have you identified a common gap or stage of professional development across your team or over time? It’s worth considering the development of your own training resources and tools to offer your team.

Not only will you have control over the material and examples provided, you’ll also have better insights into how your team learns and applies information.

Structured training – when done well – will also help to build your reputation as a committed, employee-focussed employer. This will help you continue to attract top talent to your team.

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