5 Ways To Find Your Next Candidate Without LinkedIn

Are you one of thousands of recruiters who rely on LinkedIn to source candidates? LinkedIn has proven itself to be the talent-acquisition tool of choice, but it is just as quickly fatiguing candidates on the other end. With candidates receiving connect-messages every day promising new and exciting job opportunities, it isn’t hard to see why many job seekers are switching off LinkedIn to cut out the noise.

1. Explore online communities

Look for your target audience in community forums specific to their industries and niches. These may be user groups in places like LinkedIn and Facebook, or, depending on industry, they may be niche community websites like Conecta.

2. Use targeted advertising

Targeted online advertising can be hugely effective, both when it’s well-informed and when it presents relevant, interesting content. Use specialist social mapping techniques to understand your target audience’s online behaviour, and then produce content to engage them.

3. Attend events

Networking events may seem daunting and a bit of extra work, but they are worth your while if you’re searching for candidates with specific skillsets. Meeting candidates face-to-face will always give you a better idea of where their strengths and weaknesses are, and the kinds of roles they’d be best suited for. Even if you don’t find the candidate you’re after, attending events will reveal talent pools you can tap into in the future.

4. Build a brand

Building a personal brand enables you to move up from ‘run-of-the-mill’ recruiter to specialist talent acquisition consultant. You’ll attract more sophisticated candidates and top talent – people who appreciate a trustworthy recruiter who will fit them with great roles. Building your brand means specialising in one or two industries, and establishing your point of difference to other recruiters in the field. Talent sourcing will become easier once you’ve established a name for yourself and gained deeper industry connections than ever before.

5. Branch out

Every now and then you’ll find a candidate you like, but is unavailable. You’ll most likely monitor and engage this person frequently to keep them part of your network. Better yet, expand your network by connecting with their equally-talented friends. A quick internet search of your candidate will turn up other websites and networks that they are part of, revealing many more candidates at a similar level of expertise.

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