Hansen Yuncken Joins Incolink Rapid Antigen Testing Pilot

Hansen Yuncken is participating in a pilot of the Rapid Antigen Testing regime in collaboration with Incolink, commencing on-site last week at Greater Shepparton Secondary College.

The program has been put in place to protect worksites with large teams as well as to alleviate pressure on state-operated testing locations and the public health system.

Tom Cumming, HY Senior Project Manager said the pilot was initiated to protect both its staff and the local community in Shepparton.

“Operating in an essential industry, we are determined to provide the best support we can to ensure we are doing all we can to minimise health risks to the local community, and to ensure our workers have another layer of protection as outbreaks occur. Our pilot testing regime is one of the very first programs in the state, and will see out those local outbreaks,” he said.

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Rapid Antigen Testing allows individuals to complete self-tests using Saliva Rapid Antigen Testing Pens, which take less than two minutes to self-administer and 15 minutes to provide results.

While the tests can be self-administered, the Therapeutic Goods Administration only authorises their use on sites with medical professionals, or where staff running the testing have undergone specialist training.

Hansen Yuncken conducted 120 on-site tests on Friday, 27 August, with zero positive cases. The tests have a specificity of 99.96 per cent, making them marginally less effective than the traditional PCR tests.

Incolink’s On Site Asymptomatic Testing program is currently trialling at a number of worksites across Victoria from this week, including three Metro Tunnel station sites, the new Footscray Hospital and Goulburn Valley Health in Shepparton.

A similar program is already underway in NSW, under government mandated guidelines which denote unvaccinated construction workers travelling outside their LGAs are only permitted on sites where rapid antigen testing is in place.

In relating news, Hansen Yuncken are showing support for the locals of Shepparton with a significant donation to help families during the pandemic.

Tom says, “We also recognise the hardship many families are experiencing right now. To bond everyone together during this difficult time and help families bring food to their tables, we are making a $10,000 donation to Shepparton Foodshare. As a family business, with many of our longstanding staff from the Shepparton region, naturally we care and support other families in need.”

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Image source: Incolink

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