Conecta: How to Set Yourself Up For Job Success

To attract the right job opportunities, it’s important to make your profile as complete as possible. Missing information like the type of projects you’ve worked on, past employers, project value, role responsibilities will mean you’re overlooked by great builders even though you may be the perfect person they’re searching for.

This is what you need to include to set you up for success.

Step 1.

Sign in here:

Step 2.

Fill out your profile completely including your profile card.

Your profile card is the first snapshot companies see when searching Conecta Members and direct job applications.

Inside Conecta you can access your profile here 

and here

Then click the edit tool to go into your profile card. 

Once inside you can add the following:

Photo (Companies like putting a face to a name)


Sector (Where your experience lies)

  • Builder
  • Built Services Environment
  • Other

Current Job Title

Tier level of your project experience (you can choose more than one)

  • Tier 1: $70M+
  • Tier 2: $30M – $70M
  • Tier 3: <$30M



Base Salary (Your salary you expectations – this is important. Tell employers your salary expectations up front so they know if they can afford you!)

Phone (ensure you’re contactable via sms and direct from Builders)

Email (you can update your email address here, too)

Desired Role (what are you looking for?)

Job Status (Active, Passive or Not Looking)

Upload your CV (if you have one but it’s not necessary with a full profile and the last 5 years experience).

Save your edits for your profile card and you’ll head back to your full profile.

Step 3. 

Left hand side of your profile

Career Experience (At least the last 5 years if you have it). 

Details to include for each company and job type:

  • Duties
  • Project Types
  • Project Sizes $$
  • Length of projects
  • Anything else about the outcomes you achieves
  • List of projects with your role

Step 4

Right hand side of your profile


Tell prospective employers what your next dream job is. Give them an idea of what inspires you, the type of person you are and what you can bring to their business. Focus on the value you offer them as opposed to what you want. Get their attention by telling them what you will bring to their team, their vision, their outcomes and their bottom line.

Key Sectors

Builders search for specific types of experience using these sectors. Add in all your experience to become easily shortlisted.

Additional Skills

Same goes for this section as key sectors.


Don’t forget your education. Most companies expect qualifications so please include.


Add anything relevant here like safety inductions & qualifications, tickets, cpd etc.

To apply for roles your profile needs to be 70% complete, however the more information you can provide, the better your application.

Need help completing your profile? Email us at [email protected] or click here to book a Career Strategy Session with a Conecta expert.

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