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We chatted recently with Alchemy Construct’s Founder and Managing Director Jamie Nicolson, and newly-minted General Manager Daniel Morgan about the importance of company culture, Alchemy’s growth so far, and the builder’s vision for 2021 and beyond. 

Having spent years working as a client side consultant, Jamie knew he would eventually get back onsite. Recognising a gap in the market for a Tier 2 building company that offers sophisticated, high quality results for larger projects, Jamie took the leap and Alchemy was born. 

With Alchemy’s workforce doubling in size yearly, it seemed like the natural progression this year for the company to bring a General Manager on board. Daniel as GM brings his business acumen to complement Jamie’s entrepreneurial spirit, giving him the support to avoid burnout and facilitate further growth for the brand. 

Daniel, who spent years working at Shape Construction, was attracted to Alchemy because of its passion for people and culture. Excited by Jamie’s vision for Alchemy, Jamie and Daniel clicked instantly. Aligning on values, morals and aspirations makes Jamie and Daniel a great leadership team. 

Understanding that a business is only as good as its people and culture, Daniel makes a priority of putting people first. Jamie agrees that without great people, you don’t have a business, which is why Alchemy loves to celebrate its people and their achievements.

Jamie prides himself on having cultivated a family-style culture at Alchemy, hiring genuine, kind people, and asking them from the outset what they want from the company and their role.

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Fostering collaboration and teamwork is crucial to creating a company atmosphere that thrives on genuine friendships between employees and with leadership. Daniel says he was drawn to Alchemy because of the energy the team has towards what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. 

Daniel says what matters most in construction is every individual’s input. It’s all in the quality of the work, not the number of hours clocked up. This mindset of recognising people for their efforts and encouraging a work-life balance goes hand in hand with the positive, vibrant culture at Alchemy.

Looking ahead, Jamie says there is a significant opportunity for Alchemy to take more education, government and council work in the post-Covid economy

Jamie hopes to grow the Alchemy brand even more in 2021 and beyond, with designs not only to rebrand and position the company as an industry leader, but also move into new markets, interstate and overseas. 

What does Alchemy look for in an employee? The company prides itself on its people and culture, so first and foremost, they look for people that can connect with people – colleagues and clients. 

Understanding clients and their needs is also paramount at Alchemy. The ability to connect with clients is so important in an employee, Jamie says, this will surface within the first 5-10 minutes of an interview.

Ultimately, a person will thrive at Alchemy if they have a ‘fire in their belly,’ according to Jamie. Alchemy prioritises nurturing personal development, and looks for construction professionals with great personalities and genuine enthusiasm toward their work.

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