Building People with Alice Hanna at Harris HMC

We spoke to Alice Hanna, Harris HMC’s People & Culture Manager and construction mental health advocate.

Alice studied psychology before finding her niche in Human Resources. As an established and passionate HR Manager with more than 20 years experience, she worked across multiple sectors such as IT and mining before she moved into the construction sector.

Within Harris HMC, Alice guides the organisation to understand the importance of good leadership and why establishing a strong sense of culture is so important for mental prosperity and good performance.

In our interview Alice discusses;

How her psychology degree is the foundation for all her work and why HR gave her the ability to serve people in prevention rather than solution.

How to identify good vs bad work cultures in your workplace, how she engages staff to speak up and the preventative measures she uses to combat mental health issues in her team.

Why mental health and site safety go hand in hand, what good team-building looks like, managing employee turnover, and Harris HMC’s authentic work culture.

Why HR has been an important resource to construction businesses during 2020 and strategies Harris HMC has implemented to support its staff during COVID-19.

How the construction industry is evolving and becoming more flexible in its working arrangements.

You can listen to our full interview here.

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