John Holland Shows Safety is Key to Continued Construction

During Victoria’s worst period of the pandemic, John Holland is keeping its employees in work and is paving the way for the construction industry to survive with safe onsite working measures.

In March of this year, CEO of John Holland, Joe Barr told the Australian Financial Review that the construction industry was on the brink of collapse. 

Prior to March, over 1.2 million workers were employed in construction throughout Australia. 

At present, John Holland has implemented a company-wide restructure and measures that allow its employees and subcontractors to continue work safely on construction sites. 

The discussions taking place that speculate the industry will be forced to close down are not affecting John Holland’s company momentum. 

Despite seeing an inevitable decrease in company revenue, John Holland is forging ahead and Joe Barr says that he is not concerned that the second wave of COVID-19 will force site closures.

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Workers of the company have been arranged into smaller teams and work has been staggered in order to minimise contact onsite.

Joe Barr has said that his company’s months of evidence working safely during a pandemic say that they can manage with what is to come.

Earlier this month we announced that ADG Engineers and Workplace Medicine Australia had developed a game-changing technology that can detect COVID-19 symptoms on worksites.

This technology which has already been adopted by Probuild, coupled with responsible social distancing measures on construction sites, will reduce the threat of the industry’s forced closure.

John Holland’s major projects under construction include redeveloping Metro Trains Melbourne and building the long-awaited Metro Tunnel which both are aimed to be completed by 2025.

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Image Source: Market Herald

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