Kapitol Group’s TogetHer Initiative Leading Women in Construction

Kapitol Group is championing women in the construction industry, with a number of initiatives established by People and Culture Manager Alice Hanna.

The TogetHer Forum recently brought Kapitol Group’s female team members together to discuss the experiences they’ve had onsite as women in the industry, opportunities for Kapitol Group to create more safe and inclusive worksites for women and their career aspirations. 

Construction is Australia’s most male-dominated industry – women currently make up around 12% of the construction workforce, and that number is actually on the decline, meaning if companies want to achieve parity of participation, they’ve got to make big strides.

Kapitol Group’s workforce is 25% female, double the industry average in Australia. 

“Just because it’s higher than the industry average, doesn’t mean it’s good enough… it can be better, we want it to be better, we’re working towards it being better,” Alice said. 

Some of the problems female construction workers face every day include:

  • Unconscious bias toward men
  • Unwanted attention onsite
  • Feeling uncomfortable in the workplace

The TogetHer forum sought to foster a sense of community amongst the women of Kapitol, where they could confidently discuss how their experiences onsite can have the potential to shape the company’s culture going forward, for the better. 

Kapitol’s commitment to diversity and inclusion extends beyond quotas – the company recently instituted a 10 in 14 day on-site work week to encourage more flexibility and family friendly lifestyles for its employees, a result of feedback from female team members.

This year, Kapitol also introduced a paid parental leave scheme, which Alice says doesn’t only impact women – it is available for male employees too – but is designed to entice more women to enter the industry. 

“It shows women we are a family friendly environment,” Alice said. 

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