Welcome to the Conecta Family, Maben Group

We are very pleased to welcome our newest partner, Maben Group! 

We’re looking forward to partnering with Maben Group and helping them take back control of their talent acquisition; quickly, simply, and cost-effectively.

Maben Group is an exceptional Australian builder with substantial experience in the commercial office, community, education and retail sectors.

This time last year we were privileged to catch up with MD Craig Gathercole and discuss how Maben is growing and why systems, processes and delivery are key to building successful and repeat long term relationships and projects.

If you missed our interview, you can watch it here: Building People Series with Craig Gathercole.

Stay tuned for updates on Maben Group job opportunities, culture insight, project news & interviews.

Recent wins for Maben Group include $15 million upgrades to Windsor Primary School, working with the Victorian School Building Authority.

Learn more about other jobs they have recently won:

Maben Wins Contract for i.Co Richmond

Maben Group Wins EastCo Tower Fit Out in Ringwood

The group has a strong people focus, and operates on the knowledge and understanding that its people are its strongest asset.

All employees enjoy the opportunity to work on projects up to $70 million in value, and alongside company leaders and directors.

Maben’s primary focus is complex commercial high-end construction, never forgetting the importance of excellent user, employee and client experience.

Maben Group will be recruiting directly through Conecta soon. Make sure your profile is up to date if you want to be tapped on the shoulder for new opportunities. Update your Conecta profile now.

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