Multiplex Towers’ Continued Creaking Force Residents Out

Residents of Southbank’s Prima Pearl tower, completed in 2014, have been forced to sell their apartment after experiencing five years of ongoing creaking noises.

The building, developed by PDG and built by Multiplex, was the subject of a years-long investigation finalised in 2017 which found creaking noises to be the result of incorrect building techniques and extreme weather. 

While Multiplex assures all reasonable measures were taken to rectify the groaning noises, including replacing metal structures within the walls and ceilings of the building, noises that were the result of extreme weather were “part and parcel of building,” and would remain untreated. 

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One resident of Prima Pearl told The Age the assurances given by Multiplex to residents of the Australia 108 tower were the same they had received – that stabilising tanks in the roof of the building would ease the noise. 

A spokesperson for Multiplex said “some minor defects may occur from time to time,” and that slight building movement is to be expected as the tower remains under construction.

Residents were moved into the first 75 floors of the tower earlier this year, after being assured by Multiplex that a “buffer zone” of more than 20 levels between inhabited floors and construction works would insulate them from disruption. 

However, in July, complaints were made about cracking noises, regular power outages and malfunctioning elevators. 

Construction on Australia 108 is due for completion in 2020, meaning the true source of noise will remain unidentified until then. 

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