Plans Revealed For Melbourne’s Sustainable Biophilic Offices

Plans for the ambitious proposed sustainable design for the CBD’s new urban landmark will encompass the construction of innovative office spaces.

In a plan intending to take over an entire block of Melbourne’s CBD, Council House 1 would be completely replaced with a new precinct. Council staff would occupy seven of the ten storeys, along with about half of the overall precinct dedicated to third-party offices.

The design by Design Inc includes a public forum space. Plans are in line with biophilic principles, meaning it intends to create strong connection with nature, blurring the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.

Image source: Design Inc

This will be a versatile meeting space on the ground level, encouraging community engagement and participation in council activities.

“The aim is to connect people to nature and provide an uplifting sanctuary for those using the space that has a positive impact on wellbeing and health.” Design Inc says in a released statement.

To achieve this, a double-height space will be creatively featuring extensive greenery and planting.

Local and natural materials will be sources, with feature lighting modes that mimic daylight – in an effort to optimise circadian health of workers and further strengthen the inclusion of nature in our day-to-day.

The entire project is a brave move into fast-tracking Melbourne’s sustainable efforts and innovation. The green office haven could change how staff work.

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