Hutchinson’s Preferred Builder for VSBA Bundle B of ‘New Schools 2022’

Hutchinson Builders has been named the preferred builder for VSBA Bundle B of the New Schools for 2022.

This tender was rolled out by the state government and dedicated to the fast-tracked opening of brand new schools throughout Victoria by 2022.

In July we announced the initiative brought on to invigorate the Victorian schools system to meet the needs of an intense level of population growth in many metro and regional communities.

Schools included in VBSA Bundle B include; Clyde North Station Primary School, Clyde North Station Secondary School and Greenvale Secondary School.

For each new school, Hutchinson will work on the construction of the following;

An administration building, learning and neighbourhood building, STEM building, learning neighbourhood building, visual arts building, and surrounding landscaping and sporting grounds.

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Clyde North Station Primary School will be budgeted between $20-$30m and is expected to open in 2022.

Clyde North Station Secondary School’s project value is between $50-$100m and is estimated the school will be open for students in early 2022.

Greenvale Secondary School’s approximate overall budget for the construction is $20-$30m and is estimated to open by 2022.

The Victorian Government has promised 100 new schools to be built and open between 2019 and 2026 and is on track to meet this goal.

Each new school will share $438.6m of funding out of the $271.7m which was dedicated to Victorian Schools in the 2018-19 Budget.

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Image Source: St. Germain

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