Victoria Govt to Fast Track New Work for Construction Industry with Cladding Removal

Image source: Habitat Melbourne

The Victorian state government continues to find new sources of work for tradesmen across the state as they look to fast track cladding removal. 

Their latest recovery project plans to source tradesmen to remove cladding from all affected apartments and buildings across Victoria. This will boost contractors’ chances of winning new work.

“We want to keep builders on the tools throughout these uncertain times…” said Cladding Safety Victoria Chief Executive, Dan O’Brien. 

Daniel Andrews’ will roll out $600m in an effort to repair privately owned apartments and remove all combustible cladding from their structures. 

His government will also fund 400 repair works on buildings in Victoria by the end of next year in a bid to keep a constant flow of work going in the industry. 

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In 2019, cladding sparked controversy and concern amongst the Victorian community when buildings across the world went aflame. 

Over the last twenty years, an unnumbered amount of buildings across Australia have been fitted with cladding, which is an incredibly dangerous and flammable material which has put residents at high risk. 

Cladding Safety Victoria will work with the Victorian Government to identify construction that has been built with combustible cladding and needs immediate repair. They estimate hundreds of Victorian buildings will require attention. 

Builders responsible for constructing the buildings encased with cladding are under the scrutiny of competing builders that hope they will not be permitted to win repair contracts. 

Established builders, LU Simon and Hickory Group were singled out by Victoria’s Planning Minister, Richard Wynne for their involvement in cladding related buildings in the past.

Mr. Wynne has confirmed that “Those found to have done the wrong thing will not be able to participate.” 

He went on to confirm that, “Neither Hickory nor LU Simon will get a look in.” 

According to Cladding Safety Victoria, rectification work and funding will be prioritised for higher-risk buildings with vulnerable occupants, such as hospitals and schools. 

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