Video Interview: How CONQA Are Reducing Construction Rework by up to 80%

Conecta Interviews CONQA | Construction QA Technology from Tracey Rojko on Vimeo.

Conqa is a cloud-based system developed to streamline business productivity which was established in 2015. The platform was created to make the QA process for large teams, in particular construction sites, simpler.

Conqa is now helping the construction industry reduce rework & defects by up to 80% with its QA technology app. The industry average for reworks on a project range anywhere from 5-20% of total project cost. Builders and trades working on already tight margins and deadlines are grossly affected in costs and delivery by preventable reworks.

Conqa creates this reduction in rework through building QA checklists for every activity on-site, then building out a scope and workflow in advance of projects being undertaken on the work site.

Conqa helps reduce the paperwork, reduce risk, increase productivity, and gain real-time insights on a build process. Conecta interviewed Conqa’s Co-Founder & Director, Daniel O’Donoghue to discuss how Conqa is helping contractors & builders throughout Victoria improve their workflows and get it built right the first time.

Watch our interview with Daniel here

Trusted by Multiplex, Richstone Group, Wilson Plumbing & Drainage, AE Smith, Ellis Air, and ASI Electrics, to name a few, these companies have done away with the tick and flick culture, opting instead to digitise their workflows.

One pain point in the construction industry is the need for checklists which are processed at the end of week or month and can take hours to complete.

Luckily Conqa is giving builders and contractors improved visibility over their projects and QA milestones by replacing traditional wall charts with presentable data to highlight the teams’ many milestones.  

With Conqa, trade companies have achieved company milestones and seen fewer mistakes.  This is a direct correlation from implemented Conqa workflows which resulted in tightened sequences.

“Customers have changed the way the platform is used. Progress tracking has never been easier with live updates and records on file such as contracts signed and plans for specific builds”

Daniel O’Donoghue, Conqa Co-Founder

Conqa has helped more than 300 companies around Australia, Asia and the Pacific and is now generating interest from finance and insurance companies looking to streamline their functionalities as a business.

Conqa improves margins for builders and ensures project cost savings and timelines.

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