How To Write A Ripper Job Listing That Attracts The Right Candidates

Your listing should include all the relevant information without being overly wordy. The following tips will help you create a job ad that attracts qualified candidates, and prevent floods of applications from people unqualified for the role.

Step 1: Write a title

Job titles are boring for a reason. Anything with jargon or language used internally is not going to come up in a search. For the same reason, don’t try to be clever or funny in the title, like asking for a ‘Numbers Wiz Extraordinaire’. Best keep things simple.

Step 2: Outline your specifics

Make sure your job listing includes the relevant details for the job, including salary range true to your budget, and location. It’s important to be as specific as you can.You’re probably going to get a lot more applications than you’ll have time to look at, so no use making your life harder for yourself by failing to target the correct people.

Step 3: Summarise

You’ll probably have to complete a field which summarises the job ad. This will appear in searches, before applicants click through to the full ad. Here’s where you write the top three benefits of the job, including things about the role itself, what the candidate will be doing in it, and perks of working for your company.

Step 4: Describe the company

These days, candidates are as interested in a company’s culture as they are its business operations. Explain what your company does in a nutshell, and spend a line or two describing the atmosphere and culture there. Attracting a candidate that “fits in” with the team is as important as, or sometimes more important than, attracting a candidate with the right piece of paper.

Step 5: Outline the role

When writing about the role you want to fill, give a few words to duties, responsibilities and achievements you’re hoping to see. Don’t forget to mention a benefit or two to working in this role, like the complimentary lunches or the potential for career growth.

Step 6: Paint a portrait of your candidate

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make when hiring new staff is taking on a rigid view of the candidate they’re looking for. These days, a flexible and adaptable approach to work is much more valuable than a specific set of skills and experiences. Describe the candidate you’re looking for without alienating potential excellent employees, just because they don’t have x, y and z on their resumes.

Step 7: Be Concise

Write a job ad that is easy to read. Use sub-headings to break up the text, one or two lines per section, and bullet points where you need to add more information. Conciseness involves using as few words as possible to convey your information, so cull anything that isn’t needed.

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