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Head Office Level 9, 60 Castlereagh St, Sydney
Size 200+

Sectors / Specialisations

high rise residential
hospitality & entertainment
What We Stand For
We are an Australian owned national tier 1 construction company. We've built a strong reputation of delivering high-quality projects, making our family name synonymous with the property and construction industry in the country.

As a leader in the construction industry, we are committed to developing positive initiatives that will encourage more people to join the industry, increase diversity, and improve the health and well-being of our employees and their families.

We’re straightforward and fair in our dealings and have an uncompromising approach to quality and safety. And the pursuit of a new way forward is a strong part of our culture.
Why Work With Us
Here at Roberts Co, we truly care about our employees, so you are in safe hands. We prioritize the health and wellbeing of our team members because enabling us to perform at our best. To help our team members identify warning signs of mental health issues among their colleagues and themselves, we provide all teams with mental health first-aid training. We're more than just ticking boxes; we genuinely care for our people - physically, emotionally and mentally.

We value the contributions of each team member and are committed to providing them with the best possible perks and benefits: from implementing flexible working arrangements that help you balance the demands of work and life, to learning and growth programs that advance your career and creating relationships that support professional development.

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Recent Projects

3 McNab Avenue
3 McNab Avenue, Footscray comprises 702 Build to Rent Apartments over 3 Buildings at 19 storeys, 16 storeys and 8 storeys respectively, it is Investa’s first BTR project being rolled out as part of their new ‘Indi’ brand in partnership with Oxford Property Group. The precinct will include 275 carparks and amenities including gymnasium, co-working space, private dining, lounge and games areas and a rooftop basketball court.
Oasis Residences
Oasis Residences is a unique project by Hayball, a renowned architects, that offers panoramic views of the city and the bay from its rooftop infinity pool. It also features a variety of premium amenities, such as a large private cinema, a bar lounge, a large two-storey library, a large conference room, and a 100 square meter gym.
Children's Hospital at Westmead Paediatric Services Building
The Children's Hospital at Westmead Paediatric Services Building is a high-rise building that houses various facilities, including a pharmacy, a surgical short-stay unit, a PICU, a NICU, a day oncology unit, a medical and surgical inpatient unit, and family accommodation. It also features a public domain and landscaping. Other facilities include a loading dock, a back of house, and logistics facilities.
Strong leadership, excellence, innovation, respect, inclusion and a firm hold on quality and safety are the core values that are important for us. They guide how we behave at work.

We are committed to creating a culture that encourages our team members to be more productive by implementing a five-day work week.

We believe in empowering our team members by allowing everyone to have a voice. We support exceptional ideas no matter who they are from.

We build strong and respected relationships committed to developing projects that stand the test of time. We are passionate about driving positive change in the construction industry.

We believe that doing good is not just about making good. Instead, it involves looking forward, leading, and pushing for change.
We are champion for gender diversity. We make it our mission to make space for many talented women and making sure that our systems are set up in a safe and inclusive manner.

We are constantly thinking of ways to give more opportunities to women in this male dominated industry. For instance, establishing the five-day work week culture helps support the advancement of women in the industry. It can also help maintain the sector's long-term sustainability.

“I’d love to see our industry adapt and innovate to this new way of working which will encourage more people to our sector, increase diversity and enhance the health and wellbeing of our workforce,” Alison Mirams, CEO.
At Roberts Co., we believe that sustainability is more than just the environment. It involves the well-being of our employees and the communities we serve.

We’re committed to leading the way in addressing the industry's most critical issues. This is evidenced by our culture, which encourages innovation and pushes the envelope.

Our sustainability practices are focused on three core pillars:

•Protecting our people
•Building responsibly
•Enhancing communities


Matt Bourne
Since 2018, Matt successfully led the NSW/ACT team at John Holland as General Manager. Matt's tenure saw John Holland re-establish itself as a leading builder in NSW. Previously, he enjoyed a 24 year career at A W Edwards, developing from an undergraduate site cadet to Associate Director. A relationship driven leader, Matt is passionate about the future of construction. Specifically diversity, technology and ensuring the growth of all those around him.

Executive Chair

Alison Mirams
Alison has held various executive roles within Australia's construction, property, and infrastructure firms. She most recently led the business unit of Lendlease's Building division, which had over $2 billion worth of work in hand. She also worked as a regional director for Brookfield Multiplex.

State Director (VIC)

Andrew La Rocca
In a career spanning 18 years, Andrew has obtained broad exposure to all sectors of the construction industry and has true end-to-end development experience. In his previous role as Pre-Construction Director (VIC), Andrew has led all facets of Roberts Co Victoria’s front-end, including business development, tender management, estimating and design.

Construction Director (VIC)

Ben Williams
Ben's extensive experience in the construction industry allows him to provide valuable insight and knowledge to the team members and stakeholders of projects. His ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with his team members ensures successful project outcomes.

Construction Director (NSW)

Paul Ayoub
Paul has over 18 years of experience in the construction industry, and he brings a strong understanding of the complex building projects that are commonly involved in residential, commercial, and government sectors. His ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with his team members ensures that the projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Construction Director (NSW)

Damian Vella
As a highly motivated and ambitious Construction Director, Damian has been able to make a significant contribution to a variety of projects within operational environments. His ability to communicate successfully and efficiently with his team and his superior knowledge of the industry allow him to manage the priorities and tasks of diverse groups.


Creating value
Empowering people
Relationship driven
Working smarter

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